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Foreign Exchange, FOREX or FX in short, is the largest liquid market in the world. Forex is made of a decentralised network of Banks and Financial Institutions that are interlinked for exchanging currencies and for executing speculative trades on currency pair prices.

Unlike other financial markets, Forex Trading is bidirectional. This means that speculative traders can make profit on both rising and falling prices depending on whether they open a buying or selling position respectively. The forex industry is active 24 hours five days a week, starting with the opening of the Asian and Australian banks from Sunday up until the closing of U.S. banks on Friday.

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Contract Specifications

Refer to our Contract specifications for a detailed look regarding Trading Conditions such as Swaps, Spreads, Commissions & Trading Hours before you start trading

Currency Pair
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Spread in points
Long Swap
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Short Swap
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Contract Size
Trading Hours
AUDCAD0,00001221:20000100000 AUD21:05 - 20:59
AUDCHF0,00001251:20000100000 AUD21:05 - 20:59
AUDJPY0,001311:20000100000 AUD21:05 - 20:59
AUDNZD0,00001331:20000100000 AUD21:05 - 20:59
AUDUSD0,00001141:20000100000 AUD21:05 - 20:59
CADCHF0,00001311:20000100000 CAD21:05 - 20:59
CADJPY0,001291:20000100000 CAD21:05 - 20:59
CHFJPY0,001221:20000100000 CHF21:05 - 20:59
EURAUD0,00001261:20000100000 EUR21:05 - 20:59
EURCAD0,00001251:20000100000 EUR21:05 - 20:59
EURCHF0,00001201:20000100000 EUR21:05 - 20:59
EURCZK0,000011901:20000100000 EUR21:05 - 20:59
EURDKK0,000011901:20000100000 EUR21:05 - 20:59
EURGBP0,00001151:20000100000 EUR21:05 - 20:59
EURJPY0,001191:20000100000 EUR21:05 - 20:59
EURMXN0,000015701:20000100000 EUR21:05 - 20:59
EURNOK0,000011841,0%00100000 EUR21:05 - 20:59
EURNZD0,00001421:20000100000 EUR21:05 - 20:59
EURSEK0,000013501,0%00100000 EUR21:05 - 20:59
EURTRY0,000012091,0%00100000 EUR21:05 - 20:59
EURUSD0,00001111:20000100000 EUR21:05 - 20:59
GBPAUD0,00001301:20000100000 GBP21:05 - 20:59
GBPCAD0,00001381:20000100000 GBP21:05 - 20:59
GBPCHF0,00001271:20000100000 GBP21:05 - 20:59
GBPJPY0,001291:20000100000 GBP21:05 - 20:59
GBPNZD0,00001481:20000100000 GBP21:05 - 20:59
GBPSEK0,000016001,0%00100000 GBP21:05 - 20:59
GBPUSD0,00001141:20000100000 GBP21:05 - 20:59
NOKSEK0,00001691,0%00100000 NOK21:05 - 20:59
NZDCAD0,00001341:20000100000 NZD21:05 - 20:59
NZDCHF0,00001351:20000100000 NZD21:05 - 20:59
NZDJPY0,001241:20000100000 NZD21:05 - 20:59
NZDUSD0,00001261:20000100000 NZD21:05 - 20:59
USDCAD0,00001181:20000100000 USD21:05 - 20:59
USDCHF0,00001181:20000100000 USD21:05 - 20:59
USDCNH0,00013301,0%00100000 USD21:05 - 20:59
USDCZK0,00013101,0%00100000USD21:05 - 20:59
USDDKK0,000011501,0%00100000 USD21:05 - 20:59
USDHKD0,00012501,0%00100000 USD21:05 - 20:59
USDHUF0,001UPDATE1,0%00100000 USD21:05 - 20:59
USDJPY0,001131:20000100000 USD21:05 - 20:59
USDMXN0,000016001,0%00100000 USD21:05 - 20:59
USDNOK0,000013601,0%00100000 USD21:05 - 20:59
USDPLN0,00001UPDATE1,0%00100000 USD21:05 - 20:59
USDSEK0,000013601,0%00100000 USD21:05 - 20:59
USDSGD0,000012201,0%00100000 USD21:05 - 20:59
USDTRY0,000015101,0%00100000 USD21:05 - 20:59
USDZAR0,00017001,0%00100000 USD21:05 - 20:59
**All times are in GMT

Why trade Forex with SquaredFinancial

40+ Actively traded Currency Pairs
40+ Actively traded Currency Pairs
Total transparency throughout entire market order process
Total transparency throughout entire market order process
Flexible Schedule: Trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week
Flexible Schedule: Trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week
Spreads and Swaps as tight as 0 pip
Spreads and Swaps as tight as 0 pip
Bidirectional bidding: Rising or Falling Prices
Bidirectional bidding: Rising or Falling Prices
Competitively low commissions
Competitively low commissions
Leveraged Product (Use of leverage for greater profit potential but with increased risk of loss)
Leveraged Product (Use of leverage for greater profit potential but with increased risk of loss)
Trade on power-platform MetaTrader4
Trade on power-platform MetaTrader4

Range of selected products

Choose from 6 different asset classes and 8000+ trading instruments

Trade the markets directly with leading trading platforms

Join millions of traders who choose MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5 to trade the markets. Trade from your desktop, smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime.

Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 64% of our retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs