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Autotrade Laptop

AutoTrade is the next generation account mirroring service (trade copy) that allows you to copy trades from the most successful traders by using algorithmic trading robots, commonly known as Expert Advisors on MT4, to trade on your behalf by monitoring the markets and handling all steps of the market order execution process.

With Expert Advisors you can create or copy trading systems that will run up to 24 hours a day without requiring any supervision.

But AutoTrade can be so much more…


With AutoTrade you can

  • Monitor and trade as many instruments as you like, all at the same time
  • Trade more efficiently with autonomous systems that take decisions based purely on calculations without any emotional interference
  • Minimize your losses with well-crafted and super-optimized systems
  • Free up your precious time by automating part or all of your online trading
  • Join a huge network of Social Traders via Myfxbook where you can mirror the most successful systems and strategies of others

Experience next generation trade mirroring powered by myfxbook with SquaredFinancial

Trade Mirroring, otherwise known as Social Trading, is when you copy the signal, or successful system, of a different trader; making your system trade exactly like the system of the trader you chose to imitate.

Through Myfxbook you will join a vast network of traders and will be given a fully detailed view of their systems and strategies, including in-depth analytic reports. Social Trading is fully automated, very easy to set up and the data you are provided with is always accurate. Myfxbook handpicks only the best systems, incentivizes the creation of systems that bring profit and allows only proven track records that trade with real money accounts to become signal providers.

Get instant access to leading Social Trading tool Myfxbook, where you can find the best trading systems by other traders and portfolio managers, with any Live SquaredFinancial account.

Step 1

If you’re an existing client, please send us an email at support indicating your account number and your request to add your SquaredFinancial account on AutoTrade.

Step 2

Visit Myfxbook and link your SquaredFinancial trading account to Myfxbook AutoTrade. Select the automated FX systems you prefer and copy them.

The AutoTrade system is owned and operated by Myfxbook Ltd (“Myfxbook”) and its use is subject to the Terms and Conditions specified on their website. SquaredFinancial is not responsible and has no control over the signals generated through the use of AutoTrade and/or the resulting trades on SquaredFinancial accounts. Signals generated through the use of the AutoTrade system and the resulting trades are not the responsibility of SquaredFinancial and do not constitute general or personal advice.