What’s a Non-Fungible Token (“NFT”)

  • A digital certificate of authenticity that runs on blockchain
  • Class of cryptocurrency where each item is entirely unique
  • Useless as currency, used for digital art or collectables

An auction that started at $100, ended up selling for $69,346,259…wait that’s not all of it…. the first purely digital artwork offered at Christie’s AND purchased using Ethereum!  So we have just seen close to US70 million paid for a jpeg…

Mike Winkelmann, an artist known as Beeple, sold an image titled “EVERYDAYS: The FRIST 5000 DAYS”, a collage of 5000 daily posts (13-and-a-half years in the making).  This led to interest in NFTs (Nifties) rocketing in the space of a few hours.  Just as Reddit fuelled a GME run, Clubhouse – an invite only chat app with an obsession over NFTs – kickstarted interest in Beeple’s artwork.


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What’s the takeout from all of this?

Well, with some of us still scratching their heads on Bitcoin’s valuation/ permanence/ even creator, the safest deductions we can make out of this is that

1Digital art is here to stay:

Whatever business you’re in that results in a $69M paycheck, is highly likely to spread around corralling more players

2 Cryptocurrency dominance:

In May 2010 the first pizza purchased with BTCUSD and by 2023 digital wallets are expected to make up half of global eCommerce sales (according to Bakkt)

3 More disruption on the way:

A tradable financial product indexed to the value of a group of NTFs?


Bitcoin does not appear to have benefited from the NFT sale:

BTCUSD latest price action and outlook


Looking at the 4H chart, BTCUSD confirmed a double top around $58000 with $58115 as the highest close, surging higher as momentum indicators started flashing signs of exhaustion. The MACD along with the RSI have confirmed signs of strengthening bearish momentum with $55k as the next key support and line in the sand to direct Bitcoin’s next move.

A breach of the $55K key support and line in the sand favours further downside with the 50 period SMA at $52K (coinciding with the 200 period SMA on the hourly chart) as next target. While a failure to retrace below $55K will keep bullish momentum strong with the crypto eyeing $62400 as next new all-time high target.

However, the more products from artwork to pizza’s which can be bought with cryptocurrencies the more they will be adopted and used, and as they are a finite resource, the price should continue to go up -which it will need to do if we all want to own the work of Mr Winkelmann.



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