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Keep your capital asset

Keep your capital asset

by Stathis Flangofas, CFO at Squared Financial Group

As a CFO, I like to put value on everything. I’m not talking about money here, because some things cannot be assessed materially, like happiness, health, commitment… and people. And this is one of the reasons why your people – you as a company – are your capital asset, your greatest asset.

Our talents have great value. Look at Apple, Amazon, Microsoft… They became big companies thanks to their great people. They have knowledge, expertise, abilities, skills, and attitude. That’s why we hire them, that’s why we invest in them, and they in the company, if…

Clearly, there are ifs.

Recognition. Compensate your employees for their hard work, morally and materially. That’s what translates into motivation, commitment and dedication and fosters their sense of belonging.
After all, your employees are your first customer. They are your ambassadors. If they’re not appreciated, they will not be happy, thus they will not work hard, and your business will not grow as it should, if not at all.

Culture. For most people, it’s more than the paycheck and the package. It’s the environment and the culture that keeps them in a company. Working for 8 hours or more in the office, practically spending more time with their colleagues than with their family and friends, makes it more important to choose a healthy culture and a good environment than to go for only money.
That’s why some companies prefer to choose attitude over skill because skill can be taught, but attitude can’t. What matters more in a candidate than just skills is having a positive attitude, being a team player, being enthusiastic, and having the will to adapt.

Good communication is key to any relationship. In the employer/employee relationship, employees ought to know what is happening in the company they work for. Share with them your plans and vision. Keep them informed and engage with them.

Career growth. One of the best things you can offer your employees is to feed their ambition. If your team can see a clear path for their career, that they are growing, and that they have a future in the company, then you have partly secured their dedication and commitment. The company’s growth comes from their personal and professional growth. As such, the role of HR is crucial, when it comes to guidance and coaching, offering opportunities to gain experience, and discussing the various challenges employees might be facing.

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