Jeff Grossman Comments on e-Forex Article On Helping To Bring CFDs In From The Cold

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Traditionally, Contracts for Difference (CFDs) have been seen as a financial derivative class best suited to be used by very experienced and semi-professional traders, as opposed to the majority of retail FX market players. However, as Heather McLean discovers, that opinion is changing, as more retail traders decide to try out CFDs.


CEO Youssef Barakat 60 Second Interview with FX-MM June 2014

1) How has technology democratised FX trading and allowed access to a broader investor base?

The evolution of EFX technology has delivered an ease of access to the market which has increased the popularity of trading FX on a global scale. Those new technologies have opened the door for the retail investors, making them now main pillar of the business. That pillar of business has played a significant role in the daily volumes almost tripling over the past decade and a half from $1.5trillion USD to $5.2trillion for last year. For Squared, a prime example of a technology revolution is our MT4 offering because it enables us to reach a greater spectrum of professional traders. The stronger market means spreads are getting tighter and the depth is getting wider.


Jeff Grossman Comments on E Forex Article on Social Forex Trading

New players, strategies and opportunities - an exciting future awaits for social forex trading

Social trading in forex is becoming ever more established in the retail world, and is even becoming a useful tool for more experienced traders looking to exploit the knowledge of the masses to improve their strategies. Heather McLean explores how this innovative area is seeing the development of new functionalities and toolsets to improve the trading experience for all, leading to an exciting future of opportunity.


Managing Director Jeff Grossman 60 Second Interview with FX-MM January 2013

Squared Financial Services Ltd (SFSL) launched its platform in 2005. At that stage, electronic trading especially on the FX side was changing rapidly. Like many asset classes in the electronic space - both OTC and Exchange based, FX was becoming more transparent and efficient. The origins...


Jeff Grossman Comments on E Forex Article on Retail FX Focuses on Delivering Low Latency Trade Execution

Picking up speed: Retail FX focuses on delivering low latency trade execution...