Squared Financial Services Limited was incorporated in 2005 by its founders Philippe Ghanem and Georges Cohen. The company is an independent, full-service broker headquartered in Dublin and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI).

Today the Company offers a range of platforms, including MT4 and Squared Trader, and services to the professional and institutional market. Clients of Squared can access ECN-style trading across a broad mix of Bank and non-Bank liquidity pools.

The Company's main objective is the delivery of a stable and professional service for clients with the best price and highest quality of execution that services each client's specific trading style and strategy.


The senior management team at Squared Financial Services Ltd (SFSL) have 30 years+ experience in the financial markets specialising in Multi Asset electronic brokerage. They have worked internationally actively contributing to the technical and business development strategies in various operations.  They have also played a successful part in managing their Company’s’ businesses transition from non-regulated environments to the highly regulated environment of today’s business.

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