US Daylight Saving Time – Trading Hours

Daylight Saving Time Trading Hours

Aiming to guarantee you a smooth and uninterrupted trading experience, we would like to inform you that, due to the upcoming US Daylight Saving Time, on the 13th of March 2022, our trading schedule will be changed.

During this upcoming weekend, trading hours will shift back one hour, therefore, trading sessions will open and close an hour earlier for the following symbols.

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Trading Time will move 1 hour back

FX AU200cash
Metals DXYxx
Energies US500xx
WTxx US100xx
Brentxx US30xx
Copperxx AU200xx
NGASxx China50xx
Coffeexx China50Cash
Cottonxx India50xx
Cocoaxx India50Cash
JP225cash US Equities
US500cash US ETFs
US100cash US CFDs
US30cash US ETFs

For more information please refer to the Platform Symbol Specification on the SquaredFinancial trading platform.

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