Cyprus, 6th November 2020 – SquaredFinancial has announced that as a Platinum sponsor of the #RefillCyprus project, organised by the ‘Let’s make Cyprus Green’, it has launched Limassol’s first-ever purified water refilling station.

Situated in the Dasoudi area in Yermasogia, Limassol the refilling station provides high quality fresh and filtered water for everyone to fill up their reusable water bottles.  The initiative is one part of SquaredFinancial’s corporate environmental sustainability strategy which is designed to help reduce plastic pollution.

Husam Al Kurdi, Chief Executive Officer at SquaredFinancial stated: “We want to promote the use of healthy, filtered water which is safer and fresher than water in plastic bottles.  The sponsorship of the #RefillCyprus project is a great way to introduce free purified water and encourage recycling.  Our goal is to contribute to local efforts to provide consumers with clean drinking water and at the same time reduced the use of harmful plastics, which helps create a waste-free environment.”

All over the world, people are buying, using and then discarding millions of plastic bottles a year with only a small percentage of these being recycled.  Every year, 8-10 billion kilograms of plastic waste ends up in the oceans and harms the environment.  One million plastic bottles are consumed every minute, with consumption expected to increase by 20% by 2021.

“At SquaredFinancial we encourage eco-friendly practices at work.  We discourage single-use plastic bottles in our offices by providing filtered water systems which remove toxins and unhealthy minerals often found in municipal water.  This also reduces the plastic waste we create and is just one of the ways we can help our employees to create a better environment.” added Mr Al Kurdi.

Residents and visitors to Limassol had the chance to use the new refilling station over the weekend of the 31st October 2020, and the station is now up and running for everyone.

Water Refill Station 2020