SquaredFinancial, would like to announce that Philios Petrides has been promoted as Chief Data Officer with a remit to drive forward the digital transformation of the company, making SquaredFinancial a leader in the development and application of enterprise data.

Husam Al Kurdi, Chief Executive Officer at SquaredFinancial said: “We are a data driven company and increasingly use digital information for governance, innovation and revenue generation.  Data is at the centre of our business model, so I am excited that we could bring Philios into the company to lead this essential part of our development.”

Mr Petrides will cover the three interlinked areas of governance, operations and business development, with a focus on implementing the insights offered by big data to improve the products and services delivered to SquaredFinancial’s clients.

Before joining SquaredFinancial he worked in several managerial roles, with well-known companies, creating business intelligence departments and leading on data drive change.  He is recognised for his business analytics and Forex industry experience, where he has used data to help develop new architectures and applications which increase revenues and reduce costs.

Mr Petrides holds a degree in Internet Computing from the University of Northumbria, with specialization in Data Science and MSc in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics from CIIM.

For more information, read Philios’s bio which is available on the SquaredFinancial Team page.