The Team

by Husam Al Kurdi, CEO of Squared Financial Group

T is for Trust, E for Enthusiasm, A for Ambition, M for Maturity, professional maturity. But a team is so much more. It’s diversification, skills, synchronization, responsibilities, strengths… even weaknesses.

The dream team, however, triggers a different understanding depending on the business and its culture because every team is unique. As a CEO, I have the team dream. Yes, I dream of a positive supportive team that is synchronized in every way. And I feel that I’m getting one step closer every day to the team I enjoy working with. People come and go, team members leave, and others join. Some don’t find themselves in the culture and environment, while others leave their mark.

I believe a company grows with its team. The healthier the team, the better the business performs, and that’s because:

Every team member counts. Each has a skill, a strength that makes them stand out. If your team believes that their skills complement each other, they will synchronize and work together as a team not against each other. And teamwork creates a sense of connection and belonging.

Strengths are the showpiece, so highlight them. The best way to build a team is to learn how to talk, communicate and work with each other based on our different strengths. Each one of us has a strength, a character, a background and a culture, and that’s what makes teams rich and diverse. But no matter how different we are, and whatever our differences are, the business has to get going. As colleagues, we don’t have to be friends – if we don’t want to – but we have the obligation to get along and respect each other.

Everyone should do their job, so let them do it. You can’t do everything, you can’t micromanage, so delegate. That’s why you chose them to join your team. That’s why you hire the right people. Mistakes will always happen because we are humans. It’s how you respond that will make all the difference.

Goals, objectives and individual responsibilities are key. Help them set their goals, reach their objectives and take on individual responsibilities. In other terms, motivate them. Motivation can do magic. This is how they will feel that they belong to the company. This is how they will synchronize with the culture of your company. This is how they will outdo themselves.